She is one supportive fan

The Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o was quick to rush to Instagram to give a fabulous, passionate and loving review of the new Wonder Woman movie which was released this weekend.

The actress gushed about the powerful message the film sent, the amazing work by its female director Patty Jenkins, and the perfectly-placed light humor which added to the overall enjoyment of the film.

With such encouragement we have no doubt that men and women alike will continue rushing to the cinema to support the release of the best-rated DC film yet.

So far, many girls have been showing loving support for the character by dressing up as Wonder Woman to the premier.

It seems that Wonder Woman is inspiring women of all ages, with a super hero who, for the first time, seems to have more compassion in her battles than the more “let’s just kick some evil butt and be macho” general approach of previous male super heroes typical of DC films.

Perhaps this is what makes the character so special?

Take a look:

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