Even a six-packs athlete experiences complete body morphing

32-year-old  Stephanie Rothstein Bruce is a new mom and professional runner who used to bear six-pack abs on her sculpted body before swelling up to make room for a new family member.

When the new mom shared pictures of her post-baby belly, she went absolutely viral.

Stephanie took a break from Olympic training to bring to beautiful babies into her family.

Now, with one 6 months old and the other 21 months, she is juggling Olympic training with family life and working hard to get back into her pre-pregnancy shape.

She shares her post-partum struggles on Instagram, discussing both her confidence with her looks as a woman and also how the physical changes have impacted her athletic life.

Stephanie talks openly about her condition of diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) and shares pictures of her loose belly skin and stretch marks, in hopes that women will understand that it is normal and nothing to be ashamed of – even a healthy athlete gets them!

This woman is inspiring many new moms to feel confident with their changed bodies, and for this, she is one amazing Girly Warrior!

Pictured right: 2 months postpartum. Pictured left: 18 months postpartum Diastasis Recti: a condition defined but rarely talked about that PP women face and are ashamed of. It's not just a cosmetic and body image topic but a functional and painful condition if left untreated. So with the latest messages and inquiries I have received from many many women over the last week I've decided to host a Facebook live chat tomorrow evening Thursday April 6th 5:30 pm PST, 8:30 EST. It will be on my athlete fan page listed below. Please feel free to comment below with questions you'd like to see me discuss and answer so I can better prepare. I will be as candid as possible and hope it can be an open, safe, and free forum to ask and not be nervous and embarrassed about any topic. #diastasisrecti #facebooklive #postpartum

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