A film about self-discovery and rehabilitation from an ending marriage

Resse Withersooon shines in this dramatic comedy about a 40-year-old mom who defines herself as “a newly separated loser.”

Her character, Alice, moves back to L.A. after her separation where she spends a wild night out celebrating her 40th birthday.

Serendipitously, she meets three handsome young men who are aspiring filmmakers, a.k.a. broke, and lets them temporarily move into her house.

The story unfolds into a romantic triangle when Alice has an unexpected night of mischief with one of the roommates, and another one declares his love for her.

Throughout the film we also see hints of her daughters and the bond she has with them, mixed into her unorthodox new lifestyle.

The film is sweet, playful, emotional and a rom-com type of exaggerated depiction of a very real scenario many people go through in life – the confusion of starting a new life after the end of a marriage.

The film comes out on September 8th.

Take a look at the trailer:

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