She’s been In the TV spotlight for about a decade

Kylie Jenner has been on reality TV since she was only 9 years old!

Yes, that makes it ten years since the teen celeb first entered the big spotlight, and the cameras haven’t left her since.

Kylie has endured both the pros and cons of always being exposed to the public eye.

On one hand, it has earned her easy access to large pools of fans to convert into clients for pretty much any random product she chooses to launch, and on the other hand, this girl has been enduring scrutiny over how she looks, what she wears and how she talks, since she was nine years old.

As she matured into a woman, the starlet quickly began to absorb hateful comments online, and is always being both praised and judged by millions.

While she has undergone some drastic physical makeovers which drew a lot of attention and gossip, can you blame a girl growing under a microscope for trying to fit in with today’s messed up pop culture standards of beauty?

Fame can weigh down heavy on people who were never prepared for it.

Take a look:

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