While not conciously, she fears she fell for the stigma

Anne Hathaway has been acting for over a decade and charming us since she was just a youngster playing awkward teenage roles.

She has played alongside very prominent actors as she rose to stardom, and through her successful career of making several movies each year, she also became a U.N. Ambassador for paid parental leave, proving that she cares about much more than her next acting gig.

Although for some strange reason, the internet has been attacking her in the past several years, with some of the most prominent viral websites and online magazines titling articles with hurtful subjects such as “Why Does Everyone Hate Anne Hathaway” or “Why Anne Hathaway”.

Some of these articles claims that mostly, she isn’t “real” or “down-to-Earth”.

Yet, isn’t that just a way to judge someone who just may not be as outspoken, funny and silly in public?

After all, Hathaway does aim to be honest and open with her fans, and she doesn’t hide her flaws, either.

In a recent interview, she even admitted to feeling guilty for possibly doubting a female director only because she was a woman – not because she is an anti-feminist, but because she was a victim to unconscious stigmas in the industry.

Take a look:

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