Another cause to her list – and it makes sense!

Emma Watson is well known as a woman who is vocal about causes she believes in.

She is a feminist, a humanitarian and an environmentalist when it comes to her choices of activism.

It’s not the first time she has publicly shown her preference for environment-friendly clothes, yet she is taking Instagram by storm lately with some wicked recycled fashion and some serious explanations to go with it.

While we all love to go to the stores of our favorite brands and buy the latest trend just to ditch it in the trash a year later, when the next trend rolls in, Watson is trying to convey the importance of ending this fast-fashion tendency of the new generation.

Clothes used to be made in higher quality, and vintage clothes last very, very long.

There is no reason to mass produce cheap clothes just to end up in the waste, when there is so much used clothing and recycled material that can be utilized.

As usual, Watson teaches us a valuable lesson, while making it look incredibly glamorous!

Take a look:

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