Canada’s Civil Rights Hero Viola Desmond Will Appear On $10 Bill

Finally, a woman on the bill!

Viola Desmund will be the first woman to appear on a Canadian bank note, which will start circulating in late 2018.

Desmond was an activist who promoted civil rights for blacks in Canada, starting from an iconic incident in 1946.

At the age of 32, she was kicked out of a movie theater and unjustly accused of tax evasion simply because she refused to leave the theater’s “whites-only” seating area and enjoy the film like anyone else.

Desmund was a pioneer in many ways for the black community in Canada.

Upon realizing that there were few beauty services for black women, she travelled far to a beauty school which allowed her, as a black woman, to receive training, then returned to her hometown, where she opened a barbershop and beauty salon with her husband.

She also later founded The Desmond School of Beauty Culture so that black women would not have to travel far for proper training in the field.

This business woman and civil rights pioneer paved the way for many women to stand up for themselves, and we’re proud that her actions are being honored today.

Justin Trudeau was very pleased with the decision, after thousands of suggestions were submitted.

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