The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Pictures Of Young Justin Trudeau

The leaked photos went viral, very, very fast.

What happens when internet users uncover photos from the dreamy Canadian Prime Minister’s youth?

Armageddon, that is what happens.

People everywhere are falling deeper in love with the young politician who has already conquered so many hearts when he advocated for feminism, for indigenous women, for refugees, for #blacklivesmatter.

Let’s not forget that he announced that he would like for Meryl Streep to portray him in a movie.

Yep, he’s a Prince Charming, and the role of Prime Minister has never been so sexy before.

Now, there are new cards in the game, and young Justin Trudeau is officially everyone’s fantasy boyfriend.

Photos have surfaced of the PM in his youth, as well as a viral picture of, well, his butt.

Even straight men can’t take their eyes off.

The internet is exploding with memes, love letters, infatuation and adoration.

Take a look at some of the best responses:

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