Deserving Teacher’s Aide Gets New Car For Free

She was surprised from the love she received

This Elementary school worker began walking six miles to school each morning and six miles back each afternoon after her car broke down due to irreversible damage.

Sue Campbell would leave her house before the crack of dawn just to get to school on time.

She didn’t like to share her misfortune with others so for two years, nobody from her staff even knew that she had been travelling the long trip by foot each day – until a colleague spotted her by the side of the road.

She immediately arranged for a nearby teacher to give her rides, however the solution was not ideal.

When assistant principal Tammy Cress noticed that a local car dealer was doing a holiday giveaway of a car, she immediately called for her coworker, and the car dealer surprised the deserving teacher’s age a few months later.

The giving didn’t stop there.

Take a look at what empathy can accomplish:

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