Female Scientists Won’t Be Silenced

500 female scientists write a letter to President Trump

“We are women scientists and we are members of diverse racial, ethnic, and religious groups. We are immigrants. We are people with disabilities. We are LGBTQIA. To represent us, you must embrace our inherent diversity. We will continue to contribute to the American scientific enterprise, and we invite you to do the same.”

That was an essential paragraph from an open letter from 500 female scientists, addressed to President Trump.

Their goal is to address the anti-knowledge and anti-science sentiments they feel have been emitted by the presidential election, by fighting for the transparency of knowledge as well as the support and acceptance of the diverse scientists and their recommendations for making the world a better place.

Women in science around the world face harsh discrimination, unequal pay and the availability of less opportunities for women than for men.

Their minds are powerful, yet they remain unheard.

No longer will women in science be silenced.

They are powerful, intelligent and ready for the challenge to fight for what they believe in.

With this letter, these female scientists hope to push for more opportunities for women and minorities in the field of science, as well as open more scientific research to be available to the public.

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