Kendall vs Kylie Jenner – Who’s Got the Better Glam Room

It’s hard to compare between such different sisters

It’s clear that the two sisters have very different styles.

Kendall Jenner is quite private with her personal life and has even opted out of social media for a short while, claiming that it was taking over her life and didn’t like the excessive exposure or obsession.

Kylie, on the other hand, has given on-camera tours throughout her multi-million-dollar mansions and never shies away from exposing her latest, extremely expensive pleasures:

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Kendall also has a different style when it comes to her looks.

Her closet is extensive, as you would expect of a supermodel, yet her go-to look is usually quite natural in terms of makeup, and although she hasn’t exposed pictures of her makeup room or much of any other details of her private possessions for that matter, we have a hunch it may be a bit less flamboyant than that of her sister’s.

Take a look:

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