Here’s what Michelle Obama is doing after leaving the White House

No, she’s not taking a pottery class and sipping mojitos by the pool

It’s been a long eight-year period, but Michelle Obama is ready to bounce back to normal life – or at least as normal as you can call the life of an ex-first lady.

She plans on continuing her advocacy work, including her initiative, “Let’s Move” which plans on tackling the problem of obesity among youth in the US through education on nutrition and encouragement of physical activity.

The ex-Presidential couple have recently been spotted chilling in the BVIs, baseball cap backwards and all.

For a powerful woman used to be active, involved and challenged, we’re sure it’s going to be tough getting used to a quieter life – but perhaps she will find comfort in this long-needed opportunity for relaxation.

Time to start working on a memoir!

Take a look:

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