Photo of Jewish and Muslim Kids Protesting Trump’s Immigration Ban Goes Viral

The story behind it teaches us some values about humanity

Two families brought their children to the O’Hare International Airport on Monday to join the protest against Trump’s immigration ban, which bans entrance to the US for people from 7 predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days, refugees for 120 days, and bans entrance to Syrian refugees specifically indefinitely.

The next day, the picture of these two families went viral after being posted to Twitter by Chicago Tribune photographer Nuccio DiNuzzo.

Why did the picture go viral?

The photo captured an empathetic moment between a 9-year-old Jewish boy and 7-year-old Muslim girl, both perched upon their fathers’ shoulders.

With one brief look at their signs, it’s easy to see why these two families immediately connected.

Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell, of Deerfield, depicted in the picture, told the Chicago Tribune that the boy’s maternal grandparents are Holocaust survivors who spent time in refugee camps, and it was important for him to teach his son to stand up for what he believes in – to replace hate with love.

The two fathers had a casual conversation and exchanged phone numbers at the protest, later texting each other in awe of the impact the photo of their families had.

Bendat-Appell invited the Muslim family to Shabbat dinner, and in their own little friendship, they are proving that love and acceptance will always triumph.

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