Fans Outraged At Taylor Swift For Not Attending The Women’s March

Should she be judged for not participating?

The Women’s March last weekend was a revolutionary event if you judge the scale of participation and media coverage it received.

It seemed to go beyond political partisanship – it wasn’t about Democrats against Republicans, it was about women coming together to support one another and fight for rights which they all deserve.

While many celebrities, women and men alike, shared selfies amidst the march, Taylor Swift shared a hopeful message of encouragement to the women who did march, although she herself did not participate.

To say the least, her fans were not pleased.

Many commented with harsh messages claiming that Swift was pretending to be a feminist, yet never spoke out against Trump or participated in the big event.

Our question is, should she be attacked?

It’s hard enough to be a celebrity whose every outfit, relationship and verbal expression gets placed under scrutiny – should celebrities be pressured into being expressive about politics?

Take a look at the accusations:

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