Actress Melissa Joan Hart Helps Shower Military Families With Joy

This is one of many charities with which the actress is involved

Melissa Joan Hart is an actress, director, and happy mother of three, with a big heart being a central theme in the Hart family.

Melissa enjoys participating and initiating charity activities, especially with a focus on children – meaning any involvement from expecting mothers all the way to teenagers – she’s always enthusiastic and ready to spread joy.

Operation Shower is a project which organizes group baby showers for expecting or new mothers from military families.

Many of these mothers go through their pregnancy and even birth without their husbands by their sides, and the very emotional process of welcoming a newborn into the world is a completely different experience from that of other, non-military mothers.

Melissa hosts these beautiful and emotional events in which the mothers are “showered” with gifts and well wishes.

For these moms, it’s also a great opportunity to meet other moms going through the same difficulties and loneliness without their deployed husbands.

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