A Summer Camp Love Story That Is Also Saving Lives

SeriousFun Children’s Network camp program caters to children with serious illnesses, for free!

This network, founded by Paul Newman, is composed of 30 camps and programs dedicated especially to the needs of children with serious illnesses.

Paul Newman’s dream was to create a place for children struggling with difficult illnesses to smile, play, be active and simply feel like normal children.

No child deserves to miss out on a happy childhood – and these camps are able to provide an environment in which children with illnesses and disabilities don’t feel different, incapable or left out.

Instead, they are engulfed in love, new friendships, excitement and pure acceptance, all backed up by a medical staff to cater to all of their needs.

Each summer, these children are able to forget about their struggles, and enter a world of possibilities.

Take a look at one beautiful love story which started at one of the camps:

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