Twitter Users Freaked Out When Betty White Was Trending On Twitter – But It Was Just Her 95th Birthday

We’ve lost a handful of iconic performers in 2016, but Betty White is here and going strong!

On January 17th, the internet was freaking out to see that Betty White was trending on Twitter.

Fearing dreadful news, everybody immediately started googling recent news and checking the latest tweets on one of the toughest women in show biz.

The world has taken some heavy losses this past year, and was not about to give up on Betty White.

Some guy even started a GoFundMe campaign towards the end of December, asking people to help him raise money so he can fly over to her to keep her safe until January 1st.

Thankfully, everyone realized that the trending name appeared because it was Betty White’s 95th birthday – yep, she’s still going strong!

Being the woman with the longest TV career in history isn’t a small achievement – Betty White has been making us laugh for decades, and we’re begging the world to leave her with us a few more decades to come.

This Girly Warrior is here to stay!


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