‘CHIPS’ First Trailer

Hilarious action-packed comedy to kickstart 2017

The comedy is about the adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers as they team up to fight crime in the city of the rich and beautiful.

The film is an R-rated retake on the 1970’s cop show of the same name, centering around close friendships, awesome motorcycle stunts and of course, humor.

The stars of the show are Dax Shepard and Jon Baker, but keep a lookout for additional great actors such as Kristen Bell, who also happens to be Dax Shepard’s wife in real life.

Tip from us: not a movie to watch with the kids.

With that being said, it seems like a great film to go watch with a group of friends for a good laugh.

The film will be released in March, and until then, catch up on the 2016 comedies you still haven’t gotten around to watching, such as Christmas Office Party.

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