Britt Robertson, Asa Butterfield In ‘The Space Between Us’ Trailer 3

A great sci-fi film for the whole family to enjoy

This beautiful film tells the story of a teenage boy who grew up his entire 16 years of life on Mars, and was exposed to a small group of other humans with whom he interacted.

The boy develops an online friendship with a girl on a different planet in which he has never stepped foot – Earth.

Desperate to find out about the life he never knew, he embarks on a journey to Earth, where he meets his distant friend and seeks to discover the father he never knew.

His journey is one of self-discovery, courage and ambition to satisfy his thirsty curiousity – universal life themes we can all connect to, whether on Earth or anywhere else.

Grab some popcorn, bring the kids, and prepare for an emotional and exciting film, released this February:

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