First Female Pilot In Afghanistan’s Air Force Hoping For Asylum In The U.S.

She is a symbol of hope and progress, yet her life is under threat

Niloofar Rahmani, 25, was the first woman to earn wings in the Afghanistan Air Force 3 years ago, accomplishing her father’s dream and her own passion for flight.

Her hope is not only to fight insurgents, but to fight the discrimination against women in her country – a war not less difficult than the first.

She became a symbol of female empowerment in her country, yet in a country where women are still heavily repressed, her act of courage is still seen as unacceptable by many and now, she fears her death.

She and her family are receiving threats and condemnations by insurgents and even government officials.

Now, she has an asylum application pending for approval by the president-elect.

She hopes to change the negative views towards Muslims in the US and fight united towards peace.

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