This Teenager Surprised With An Amazing Prom Dress After Her Teacher Told Her an African Design Will Look Tacky

Being proud of your culture is a big part of loving and appreciating yourself

17-year-old Makalaya Zanders was talking about wearing a traditional African design to prom when her teacher interrupted and claimed that such a dress would be “tacky”.

Although she knew it would be a very different approach to the traditional prom dress, Sanders was inspired by an African-American model who chose to wear a beautiful African-style gown, and insisted on creating one that would be chic yet also exhibit a culture she was very proud of.

The results were spectacular!


A photo posted by De'Andre Crenshaw (@indelible_dc) on

The dress was designed by Deandre Crenshaw, who was in awe with the viral spread of the pictures of his gown.

When you a UnderDogg and you stop the World!…Thank you GOD for showing me my worth! Waiting on 2017 letGO #2016Bestnine

A photo posted by De'Andre Crenshaw (@indelible_dc) on

Zanders showed her teachers and classmates her pride and confidence, and it paid off to let go of what others think!

She asked that people focus on the dress and what it symbolizes for her, rather than focusing on a mere negative comment from her teacher, who later apologized.

That’s a true Girly Warrior!

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