Talented Woman Creates Photorealistic Self-Portrait With Colored Pencils

You won’t believe your eyes!

Heather Rooney is a talented artist who specializes in photorealistic drawings using colored pencils, graphite and even markers!

She first found interest in the genre of drawing during a high school art class, where she became fascinated by photorealism’s attention to small details and began experimenting, slowly improving her technique with hard work and a lot of patience.

Current drawing zone #selfportrait for @coloredpencilmagazine @caran_dache Luminance pencils on @strathmoreart bristol

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She began documenting her drawings with time-lapse photos, and you may now follow many of her wonderful creations on her Youtube and Instagram accounts.

Check out the time lapse of her self-portrait:

Her work is simply amazing!

If it weren’t for her time-lapse videos, it would be hard to believe that these are drawings, and not photographs!

Poolside #MarinaDelRey 🌴

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