LGBT Activist and Youtuber Tyler Oakley Named Among Most Influential Millennials

His 8 million subscribers are his fanbase and greatest supporters

27-year-old Tyler Oakley was named to Forbes list of 30 under 30 as one of the most influential millennials in the world.

He posted his first video back in 2007 and has since then gathered a following of 8 million subscribers, mostly promoting content towards LGBT youth, LGBT rights, and other social issues like healthcare and education.

Tyler has posted over 400 videos and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for an organization for the prevention of suicide among LGBT youth.

He is a self-proclaimed professional “fangirl” and has received attention from multiple celebrities following his passionate activism.

He was even invited to meet President Obama at the White House!

Congratulations to this inspiring young man for gaining the recognition her deserves for standing up for what he believes in and influencing others to open their hearts!

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