Kylie Jenner’s Calendar Prints the WRONG Birthday!

It’s not the only major mistake in her business activities this past year!

Kylie Jenner’s net worth was revealed last summer as $11.9 million, and has probably climed fairly steadily during the past half year.

Her earnings come from a mix of sources, mainly from merchandise like her Lip Kit, modelling and TV appearances.

She also gets hefty pay-days from paid posts, which can cost a brand up to $50,000 per single tweet or Instagram post.

She may not be the richest of the Kardashians, but at 19-years-old, this girl was born into the shoes of a businesswoman.

Jumping into the business world at such a young age, however, often has its perks, and with such major mistakes made in the past year, perhaps Kylie could use a few tips.

One of them is actually checking the quality of your products.

Her Lip Kit was torn down by beauty bloggers, and her own calendar printed her wrong birth date!

Take a look:

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