5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Forget the cocktails, here’s why you should be drinking beer!

Ladies, drink up!

Beer has long ago stopped being a “man’s drink” and you know it.

Drinking beer has plenty of health benefits for both sexes, and especially for women.

The National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment found after a study conducted on 200,000 women that regular consumption of beer reduces the risk of osteoporosis for women.

The drink is also flavonoid-rich because of its hops, and acts as a natural hormone replacement, meaning it may reduce menopausal symptoms!

Of course, any form of alcohol should be consumed with moderation – and the same goes for beer.

A beer a day is enough to enjoy its health benefits, and it’s definitely a great alternative to sugar-filled cocktails!

Take a look at additional bonuses from beer:

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