2017 is off to a good start because of this avocado themed restaurant

Hold your jaws before they drop to the floor!

Avocado-lovers get ready!

There is an avocado-themed restaurant opening this year in Amsterdam, and it’s called “The Avocado Show”.

So what is, exactly, an avocado-themed restaurant?

No, it’s not a place where people dance in avocado suits and bath in mashed avocadoes (we know what’s going on in that head of yours).

The restaurant serves a range of meals from breakfast to late-night snacks, and EACH and EVERY one of them contain avocado in some form.

We’re not sure yet when exactly this restaurant will be opening, but be sure that there will be long lines waiting to indulge in the creative green superfood-based dishes.

Because, well…avocado.

Feel free to drool:

📸 Repost @anne_travel_foodie. Look at this jummy avocado bun she made, it's perfect!💕

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Hello 2017, we are ready for you!

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