This Talented Teen Recreates Taylor Swift’s Outfits to Perfection!

She is a major Taylor Swift fan!

18-year-old Lotte Lutjes from the Netherlands isn’t just any regular Taylor Swift fan – she works hard to recreate all of Swift’s iconic looks on herself through sewing.

She says that she manages to make each outfit with costs under $30.

The hobby started in 2014 when Lotte and her friends attended a Taylor Swift concert, and they each wanted to dress up in different Taylor Swift outfits.

She couldn’t find the specific outfit she wanted – of the ringleader costume from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, so she decided to learn how to sew it herself – and the result was fabulous!

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Since then, she’s made 13 more costumes, and has even had the chance to meet Taylor Swift herself and snatch a memorable picture!

Woke up to find that Ashley Benson posted about me again! Thanks so much for the support @itsashbenzo x

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I finally finished the Grammys outfit! Ngl, I feel fabulous in this 👑🎉💕

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