The Best Winter Weight-Loss Tips

Winter is not an excuse to accumulate baby fat

It’s getting colder and colder, and the snowy, rainy, windy months tend to have a negative effect on our lifestyle routine.

When the sun was out, we’re all about the morning jogs and 2-liter bottle of water by our side, constantly checking out how our butts look in our new bikini, and if yesterday’s kettlebell routine made even the slightest effect in lifting our tush.

But here comes the season of cuddles and hot chocolate, no skin exposure and no summer salads!

Take a moment to step back and look at your daily routine – has it changed in the past few months?

Too cold out for a run?

Not getting thirsty enough for a glass of water?

Your routine shouldn’t change drastically, and there are solutions for everything!

Even running outside can turn into an indoor HIIT workout with some music, although – keep in mind that working out in the cold can have great effects on weight loss!

You may always warm up first indoors before heading out for the rest of your workout.

Water can be replaced with green tea if you’re not one to drink much when it’s cold.

Take a look at some tips:

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