Tone The Booty With This Ankle Weight Exercise

Give that badonkadonk some love and respect!

If you weren’t blessed with a JLo butt it’s ok!

Hope isn’t lost, and you don’t have to rely on genetics alone to get a nice, lifted booty.

Fight the sag and add some pazzaz to your tush by tightening and toning!

If you haven’t seen any results from your Pilates workouts, perhaps you have reached the point when you need to toughen it up!

Using your bodyweight is great, but for building muscle (such as, tushy muscle), adding resistance will get you there much faster.

You may do this using either weights or resistance bands.

Once you try the same moves you thought were getting easy with some added resistance, boy will you feel the burn!

Add a resistance band over your knees when doing clamshells with your legs, or hold a kettlebell when squatting – you will feel a huge difference!

Check out one great move to tackle those “saddle bags” that have been bothering you:

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