Did Kim Kardashian just hint at divorce?

Big declaration or publicity stunt?

Kim Kardashian is back in full power on social media, already posting twerking selfies just as we remember her, yet many fans noticed a big change in her account.

In honor of @styledbyhrush birthday a month ago LOL she taught me how to twerk on this trip so I’m posting it for her 😜

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Kim Kardashian West dropped the “West” and went back to simply “Kim Kardashian” for several sneaky minutes on both Instagram on Twitter.

Limiting such a move for several minutes must have had some meaning – perhaps she wanted to throw out a subtle hint?

Trouble in paradise?

It’s often hard to tell, with so much drama in the Kardashian/Jenner family, who knows what’s real, what’s fake and what’s simply a mistake?

Considering the family photos, which include Kanye, we’re pretty skeptic if the act had any meaning towards a divorce.


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What do you think of the blunder?

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