10 habits for making 2017 your healthiest and happiest year

Health for your body is health for your soul and vice versa!

If your New Year’s resolutions are the same ones you made for last year, looks like you need a new plan for keeping up with them.

Staying fit, healthy and relaxed is much easier said than done when you have a busy schedule and endless excuses, but there are great tips to keep yourself on track!

Regular exercise will not only help relieve backaches and make you more energized – it also improves your general mood!

Print out a calendar and mark the days which you plan to workout, and when you actually did – this way if you see a few days left empty, you know you have to squeeze in a sweat session!

Better yet, schedule to work out with a friend at least twice a week! You are less likely to bail on someone else than on yourself.

If you are often tempted to order unhealthy food at work or at home, start meal prepping!

You will not want to waste food that has already been cooked, and your bank account will be thanking you just as much as your health.

Take a look at some more tips for the new year:

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