Ariana Grande speaks out against sexism

Ariana shared an incident which made her feel very uncomfortable, to empower other women

The incident wasn’t a huge one, and perhaps it didn’t leave Ariana traumatized, but it did leave her hurt and “sick to her stomach”.

A fan was running after her boyfriend as they were entering their car in the parking lot, and as he got excited, Ariana thought it was quite cute, until he said “Ariana is sexy as hell man. I see you, I see you hitting that!!!”.

The comment, to say the least, was not very flattering to her, and she headed to Twitter to share the incident and explain how she felt about sexism:

This isn’t the first time the star shut down sexist comments.

It has happened before during a radio interview, where she was disappointed with the sexist questions directed at her:

Take a look at the full story:

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