Hollywood sign vandalized to read ‘Hollyweed’

What a prank to start 2017!

Let’s start by saying, no, we do not condone vandalism.

However, with that being said, let’s admit that it takes quite a lack of a sense of humor to find this prank offensive.

The overnight prankster did not paint over, break or destroy the iconic Hollywood sign.

Rather, he used cloth and clips to cover up parts of the O’s in the sign to turn them into e’s.

Artist Zach Fernandez and his former wife are said to be the vandalists under investigation, yet they do not seem to regret the cause, saying that they will be “OK” with the consequences, and bragging about how they resourcefully made the alteration on a tight budget.

Would you call the act vandalism, or perhaps a work of art?

Where does one draw the line?

One thing is for sure, it sure did make some people enter the city with a smile!

Take a look:

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