Biggest Celebrity Feuds of 2016

Quick summary of 2016’s Hollywood dramas

There is so much drama to summarize for 2016, where can we start?

It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber each are responsible for dominating headlines in entertainment news this past year, although they are definitely not the only stars to spark some controversy!

Swift had 2 major breakups this past year, and although both relationships were short lived, each one broke the hearts of her fans who were dying for more and more juicy details about the romances.

She was again caught in the spotlight with the Kanye West feud, when Kim Kardashian released a video recording of Swift approving the controversial lyrics to his song ‘Famous’ via phone call, after denying that Kanye ever asked for her permission to begin with.

From Bieber leaving Instagram after being attacked by fan criticism to Bieber’s very public breakups, take a look at the biggest feuds of the year:

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