Amy Schumer Continues Her Campaign Of Body Positivity

She keeps proving that confidence can fight negativity

Amy Schumer isn’t new to the scene of body shaming.

She isn’t one of the Hollywood starlets who obsess over losing weight and keeping up with a rigorous beauty routine each time she leaves the house, yet it hasn’t prevented her from succeeding in her career, and may we say, being on Forbes’s top paid comedians list isn’t a small achievement for this Girly Warrior.

When rumors began spreading about the potential casting of Amy Schumer as ‘Barbie’ for the new movie about the beautiful doll, she was attacked on social media, with many fans claiming she was far from being beautiful enough to play the character.

Too blessed to be stressed

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Amy doesn’t let the hate get to her, and she uses her position as a well-heard celebrity to inspire other women and remind them that being strong, having your own opinion and caring more about your friends and family then what strangers have to say are the most important traits a woman can have.

Are thigh gaps really what we are aiming for as “successful women”?

Take a look:

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