Guatemalan Firefighter Abseils Down Bridge to Give GIfts to Poor Children

Firefighters in Guatemala are carrying out the real “Santa Claus” tradition

Firefighters already have their respectful position as saviors, risking their lives to help others from burning flames.

Yet these firefighters are doing more to give back to their community and spread smiles across the faces of children in need.

A 70 year old senior officer worked with other firefighters to carry out a dangerous stunt in order to visit the poor who lived under a high bridge.

He swooped down into the village hanging by a rope and dressed as Santa Claus, bearing gifts donated by the firefighters and their families, bringing about joyful reactions.

The children usually get frightened when others approach the bridge, as the hardships among the locals bring about many who commit suicide from the high railing.

For a change, they got to experience a positive event around that bridge which, at least for a moment, replaced their fears with joy.

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