Check Out the Fabulous Fashion Style of Olivia Munn!

She’s gorgeous, funny and fashionable!

Olivia Munn, 36, is a spotlight hogger at red carpet events – and no, it’s not just because she is drop-dead gorgeous.

The star has one of the most desirable fashion senses in Hollywood, and never fails to turn heads whether she’s at a movie premier or in between flights.

Check out her Insta-poses:

#tbt 2 days ago in NYC (last day with my long hair!)

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She even has the best, and perhaps even daring, experiments at the hair salon, chopping off her hair moments before hitting the red carpet:

Hey thanks!! @instylemagazine The magician behind the scissors is the one and only @cwoodhair 💇🏻🙌

A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

The actress’s love for fashion compliments the confidence she radiates outward, with a dazzling smile and fun sense of humor.

Wonder where she gets her unique looks from?

Her dad is American, and her mom is Chinese!

She even speaks fluent Japanese after growing up in Japan during her childhood.

Yep, this woman is full of surprises!

Check out her latest looks:

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