Shade Alert! Mariah DISSES Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande – ‘I Don’t Know Her Either’

Seems like Mariah Carey has quite the ego when it comes to other female singers

Demi Lovato said in an interview that she admires Mariah Carey as a singer, but that she doesn’t like how she constantly disses people, such as claiming she “doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez”.

Mariah’s reaction?

She said she “doesn’t know Demi Lovato” either.

It seems like Mariah Carey prefers living in her own world, although we’re quite sure where it’s coming from.

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Demi Lovato gave much credit to Mariah Carey, even calling her “a legend”.

Was there really a reason for such a cat fight over a minor comment on her dissing issue?

Can celebrities please start acting like adults and remember that there are youngsters looking up to them and imitating how they behave?

Can they start spreading some more love, and less hate and criticism?

Check out the diss:

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