Keke Palmer BLASTS Kylie Jenner For Plastic Surgery

The actress was making a point about society’s obsession with beauty

Keke Palmer made her opinion of Kylie Jenner’s physical transformation very, very public – and it wasn’t very supportive of the changes.

The actress believes that famous women like Kylie Jenner are the reason for society’s obsession with beauty and constantly changing and manipulating outward appearances.

However, she doesn’t blame Kylie for the drastic transformation.

Palmer blames society.

Kylie Jenner grew under the spotlight – more accurately, she grew under a huge microscope in which she was exposed to opinions of millions of fans of the family from a very young age.

She was bullied for her looks before she even had the chance to mature, and her rush to “fix” and “upgrade” what she saw fit was a natural reaction to such heavy social shaming.

Palmer has a point – if even rich, beautiful, famous women have such great insecurities – and they react by getting fillers and surgeries, how should the rest of the young teens react in such a demanding and judgmental world?

How do we teach young women to love themselves?

Take a look at what Palmer had to say:

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