Kendall and Gigi Best Friend Moments

The love between BFFs is like no other!

Gigi and Kendall are the perfect depiction of how beautiful it is when women support each other.

We are caught up in so much negative backlashes and catfights between celebrities, criticizing, hating and jabbing – that from time to time, it’s important to look at the heartwarming example of two young ladies who share great adoration for one another.

These two have both been under the spotlight from a very young age, and it’s safe to say that they share quite a lot of professional activities together as well – such as strutting through the Victoria’s Secret fashion show!

The duo is so close that they even share the same styles!

It’s like swapping clothes with your sister, except you’re both super rich supermodels.

Yep, it’s pretty awesome.

Take a look at their best BFF moments!

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