Stars Talk About The Difficulties of “Getting the Gig” and Starting Their Journey

It isn’t all bunnies and sunshine in Hollywood

Many of us look at Hollywood stars and envy the dream job and amazing lifestyle, wondering how hard can it possibly be to display such a natural talent and use it to open the doors into the screen life.

Yet acting skills and motivation aren’t the two simple ingredients for success in Hollywood.

It’s tough, it’s competitive and you really must grow thick skin to make it through the ordeal without giving up.

Every audition is nerve-racking, the calls don’t always come in and there is always someone better who intimidates you.

Even when you do land your dream role, you are often followed by scrutiny of what you wear, who you date, and how good you were in your last major role.

Take a look at what some of the biggest stars and rising stars have to say about their experiences:

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