Blac Chyna Making BIG Money Off Breakup with Rob Kardashian

Was this the most materialistic breakup ever?

The latest news tell us that the reality star is back with Rob just a few days after her huge, publicized and over-the-top breakup in which she took baby Dream and just left.

That was a lot of drama for such a short dispute.

Soon after, Chyna closed a big deal with Adidas, and negotiated quite a big payday for her “headline-grabbing” lifestyle.

Now, it’s not officially confirmed that her breakup was all about a shoe deal, but let’s be honest – Blac Chyna’s career is built on making drama happen, and making it very, very public.

Reality-TV-level public.

Moreover, it was revealed upon her Instagram being hacked that Chyna gave quite a few tips on her location to paparazzi in return for big bucks – so who knows, maybe this was all one big acted-out hoax as well?

Take a look:

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