Heidi Klum Is All For Freeing The Nipple

She’s comfortable in her own skin and sees no reason to hide

Heidi Klum recently clarified in an interview that she is all for “freeing the nipple”.

The model, 43-years-old and looking better than ever, explains that she feels comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t mind any revealing shoots, not even topless, nipple-exposed ones.

There have been many women protesting against the Instagram guidelines and other restrictive requirements online for indecent exposure, and some have variegated reasoning.

One thing is for sure, Klum feels she has nothing to hide.

She doesn’t feel uncomfortable next to the younger Instagram celebs and is proud of the body she works to keep strong and healthy.

Her 30-year-old boyfriend Vito Schnabel doesn’t seem to mind, so why not?

Does Heidi Klum even age??

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