36 Times Ryan Gosling Looked Adorable

Ryan Gosling is adorable 45% of the time, sexy 55%

If you’re a fan of The Notebook hunk, you will love this series of pictures and videos which depicts pretty much the top times he made us drool in front of the TV.

Just 36 out of those endless times.

Gosling, 36, isn’t just a devastatingly hot actor. He’s also a musician and producer – in case you needed more reason to fall in love with him.

Even John Legend recently revealed that he is jealous of Gosling, as he learned to play the piano so quickly for his role in La La Land, which comes out on December 8th.

He co-stars in our all-so-favorite duo with Emma Stone, so of course we will be watching it, and not only to keep a look out for shirtless scenes.

Take a look at some of the best of Ryan Gosling:

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