Emma Watson Refused to Wear a Corset in Beauty and The Beast, And You’ll Be Proud Of Her Reasoning

Emma Watson keeps reminding us why we adore her.

If you haven’t yet seen the teaser for the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film starring Emma Watson as Belle, it’s about time – because it is absolutely magical!

Check out how Disney is bringing the classic tale to life:


In a recent interview with Watson, she declared that although she is portraying a Disney princess, she refused to have a corset anywhere in her wardrobe for the film.

According to Watson, Belle is an active princess, and would not wear anything that would hinder or weaken her physically.

She also continued to mention the shoes worn – although they are heeled 18th century-styled shoes, they are simple and comfortable enough for her to run off to save her father in.

This princess ain’t no damsel in distress, and her wardrobe should reflect just this point.

We can’t wait to see this in March!



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