Why Has Kendall Jenner Disappeared From Instagram?

Kendall’s Instagram account has disappeared without warning.

During an unknown hour during November 13th, Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account was deleted, without a trace left behind.

This was done a short while after she had posted a picture of her butt (in jeans).

Perhaps she took a step aside and realized that her social media account was becoming too much of a virtual, commercialized distraction?

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account has been one of the starters of her modelling career (along with being born into an incredibly wealthy family who lives under a constant media spotlight).

Although, it seems like Kendall is the one sister who is least obsessed with social media.

As she has noted over the past couple of years, it used to bother her that her sister Kylie would zone out during family trips and waste the experience for the sake of snapping endless selfies.

Recently, however, on Ellen’s show, Kendall explained that she needed a detox from Instagram and will probably be back at it eventually.

She just doesn’t want to waste every evening glancing in obsession at her phone.

We agree!

There’s an entire REAL life out there – why waste your time on obsessing over virtual friends and followers by uploading pictures that have nothing to do with your own reality?

Take a look:

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