Why is the Internet Yet Again Obsessed with the Color of this Apparel?

Do you remember the dress craze? This is the same, with flip flops.

We’re not sure why these “color distortion” images have caught on as such a big debate in social media.

Perhaps the real colors of these objects are clear as daylight, and the debate is simply between two main sides: those who think the color is obviously white and gold in which the white is simply affected by cold-toned lighting, and those who like to play the devil’s advocate and throw in extreme suggestions just to light up backlash.

Either way, the original dress meme which originated on Tumblr has been so controversial, it has even caused heated clashes between friends and aroused the interest of neuroscientists who studied human color perception.

In case you forgot, this is what the dress looked like:


After all, how do we even know if each person sees color in the same way – or even sees the world in the same way?

These are the flip flops currently under discussion:


What color do you see?

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