Britney Spears Crushes On Brad Pitt

The body isn’t even cold yet!

Ok, we’re pretty sure Britney was just fooling around implying her excitement over the recent Brangelina breakup.

After all, the mother of two can certainly relate to the fear of being parted from your beloved children.

Britney played some juicy “questions roulette” on the Today Show and revealed her first celebrity crush.

Of course, she shares this same crush with millions of other women around the world and he just so happens to have recently joined the single’s pool.

Most likely, she was just being very honest about her childhood crush.

Or perhaps she wanted Pitt to catch on her hint?

Take a look:

In any case, we’re not quite ready to see Brad Pitt move on yet.

Not only was it heartbreaking to see him part from his lovebug, the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, but we’re all probably thinking – if he’s already single – why not stay in that status for a bit and give hope to unrealistic fantasizers worldwide?

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