Kim Kardashian Makes HUGE Change After Armed Robbery

Being robbed at gunpoint had quite an expected impact on the star.

It may not be surprising that Kim Kardashian West has been keeping a low profile since the traumatizing incident.

Being robbed at gunpoint was a slap to the face for the celebrity who up until then, had been flaunting her wealth on social media on a daily basis.

Not only did Kim upload various photos of her expensive jewelry, and not just wearing it but actually noting the value as well, she had also been constantly updating her followers where she was and what she was doing.

All. The. Time.

In retrospect, perhaps the robbery was very simple to plan.

All one had to do was follow her on Instagram to know exactly where to expect to find her and what will be with her.

Kim has vowed to make a drastic change in her social media strategy and is refraining from the extravagant posts which we were used to seeing from her.

Take a look:

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