The Evolution of David Beckham’s Hotness

From 1993 Until Today – Beckham Has Transformed Through Various Hotness Levels

Tight ponytail or close-cut and neat?

How do you like your David Beckham?

Here’s a brief slideshow of David Beckham’s evolution of handsomeness, from 1993 and up until now.

The long journey of Beckham’s always-changing handsomeness is one of mixed emotions for many women worldwide, considering the dazzling footballer has been locked in love for the past 19 (yes 19!) years with his sweetheart, Victoria.

At least you can imagine him as a bachelor in the few photos before 1997.

Take a look:

Does anyone else think that Beckham is hunkier today than ever before?

More rugged, more experienced and simply stunning as ever.

What other stars would you like to see through the stages of their hotness evolution?

Give us some recommendations and we’d be happy to follow up with the best of the best.

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